Specializing in Personal Growth & Development

For Kids

4 Weeks for $49

Parents love the flexible schedule and the free Power Card character development kit that's included. (We give parents tons of tools to help kids bring out the best in themselves)

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For Adults

4 Weeks for $49

You get four weeks to try out our program that includes Fitness, Personal Safety, Health & Wellness, Traditional Martial Arts, Qigong, and more.

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For Families

1 Month All Access Pass: $129

Do you have three or more family members that have an interest in our programs?

Try the Total Dojo family membership! Your entire family will have unlimited access to all age and ability appropriate classes for an entire month. This is an awesome way for your entire family to share in this new adventure! 

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Here we go!

Ok, we have to warn you...we get a little excited whenever we get the opportunity to share the awesomeness that is our martial arts school with someone new.

We have met so many amazing individuals and families over the years. There is nothing more rewarding than working side by side with kids and adults as they bring their inner awesome out for us all to see.

The cool thing is, each of them began just like you. They signed up for a trial membership and took those first few classes. Before long, they were feeling stronger, more flexible, and more confident. Each one found their own unique way to tap into excellence. You see, the martial arts can do different things for different people. Some students want to work on their character. Others are looking to improve their health and fitness.

So...what's your inner awesome?

Let's get you started!

Once you've registered for your trial membership, you'll receive confirmation by email, we'll schedule your orientation class, and away we go!

We're looking forward to meeting you soon!
    ~The Villari's Instructor Team
    "All glory comes from daring to begin."